Teo - Teal and Orange filters

Teo is a free minimalistic photo and video editor for Android and iOS, with a set of the best cinematic Teal and Orange filters that will make your photos pop and look professional with no effort.

Teo has a range of presets to suit any subject or lighting scenario, whether it's your majestic cat, breathtaking landscape, or a beautiful portrait - nice and easy.

It's your best free photography app companion, try it and make your photos look amazing!



60+ filters

Golden Hour, Autumn, classic cinematic and emerald water filters

High quality

Save photos and videos in the original resolution and quality


Aspect ratio presets for your Instagram stories and posts (Android only)

Flexible settings

12 settings, including a stunning Clarity to amplify the texture of your images

Pro Filters

Additional Pro filters available for purchase

Fast & easy

Buttery smooth and blazingly fast even on budget devices
Screenshot Teo Teal and Orange Filters
Screenshot Teo Clarity setting
Screenshot Orange Teal portrait
Screenshot Teal and Orange urban city
Screenshot Teo Crop
Screenshot Teal Orange portrait
Screenshot Teal and Orange before/after

Why Teal and Orange

Teal-Orange is not just a temporary trend.
There is actually a number of reasons why we consider this color combination pleasant and eye-catching.

Color Science
The main reason is that teal and orange are complementary colors, meaning they are on the opposite sides of the color spectrum.
They fit well together and make each other pop.
This produces a striking contrast between them, helping to separate the main subject from the background and add depth to the scene.

Color Wheel

Skin Tones
Our skin tones mostly reside in the midtones of orange color space. To emphasize them, usually, professionals put more teal in shadows and highlights, and a little bit of orange/yellow in the midtones.
This additional contrast makes them stand out against teal shadows, and the subject becomes more prominent and grabs our attention. It's also the reason why teal and orange grading is preferred over other complementary colors.

Golden Hour
In photography and videography, the Golden Hour (the period shortly after sunrise or before sunset) is considered to be the best time for shooting.
It produces a soft warm natural light, making everything look so much better.
Teal and Orange color grading gives a similar result, and works the best when applied on such shots.

Orange and Teal in movies
This color grading feels cinematic for a good reason - it's widely used in cinematography and video making, from Hollywood to Youtube.
The reasons are the same as above, and its popularity in movies only reinforces our subliminal attraction to this combination.

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